We started this whole adventure of ours, nearly a decade ago, in Washington Square Park. Oh, all right, if you want to get technical, we went to Sheep Meadow in Central Park first —

— but on that same first day we also rode the subway down to WSP, so it counts as part of our first time too.

And we’ve come back many times since. Why? Well, aside from the obvious appeal of the soaring architecture and lovely grounds, it’s in the heart of Manhattan’s most liberal neighborhood. No one ever makes you feel bad about what you’re doing in Washington Square Park, whether that’s drawing mandalas on the pavement in colored sand, playing the Muppet Show theme on a tuba, letting pigeons roost all over your head and arms, or…or sunbathing topless at the end of October.

We said topless. That’s not topless.

Okay, that’s better. Now, where were we?

Were we the only ones shirtless when we went out a scant week before Halloween? Pretty much, yeah. And we caught more glances than usual because of it.

But no one told us we shouldn’t be doing it (which is good, because they’d have been wrong). We just took our tops off and chilled.

And when it got too chilly, some hot chocolate made everything better.

As did warm socks and yoga — a classic combination.

Our cohort this time included a couple of newcomers we were happy to welcome to the fold —

— as well as our usual showing of old friends.

We were all a little anxious, what with the election looming and all, but somehow we managed to put it out of our minds for the duration. (Reading material that’s not CNN helps.)

Which isn’t to say we didn’t check our phones once all afternoon.

And was this outing the end of the road for 2020? Au contraire! Just two days later it got even warmer…and today it promises to be warmer still. No fans of global warming, we — but when warm days fall in our lap, we may as well take advantage of them.

So you might still have a chance to join us before the ball comes down (virtually, no doubt) in Times Square. If you’d like to, email us at toplesspulpfiction@gmail.com. Whether it’s the tail end of ’20 or the hopefully more salubrious spring of ’21, we would love to meet you.