Pandemic or no pandemic, winter or no winter, our members are finding times and places to get naked — it’s what we do. For some, that means turning up the heat indoors and finding private spots to enjoy a little topless time, whether that’s at home or, say, in a hotel rented for a little staycation.

For some, the indoor spots aren’t so very private.

For others, the great outdoors beckons. Maybe that means Central Park…

Or just a sidewalk in the neighborhood…

But eventually we all start aching for more temperate climes and before you know it we’re visiting friends in the desert–

–or embarking on a cross-country bicycle tour (with stops for topless yoga)–

–or hitting the beach–

–or getting into hot water.

Some don’t mind the snow and like to show off that fact on their Insta feeds.

And still others just think back to warmer times and ahead to their return.

One way or another, we’re still embracing all that is natural, naked, and free. And we hope you are too, in whatever way you can, while we all wait for the summer sun — and something more like normal life — to return.