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Another photographer, the husband of one of our members, brought an old-fashioned black-and-white film camera to the park and produced these images.  It’s funny just how much a b/w photo can capture–more than color, sometimes…

Sometimes we’re outdoors for hours at a time and no one comes over to us at all–not friendly people, not creepy ones, no one. (That’s when it feels the most like we’re truly in New York, where half a dozen nearly naked women attract no notice whatsoever. Delightful!)

But sometimes we just attract conversation like a magnet–or (blush) seek it out ourselves. At our last visit to the park, this woman came up to say she was from Portland, Oregon, and loved what we were doing. We made her day, she said. Could she and her friend from Belgium take a picture with us? Of course we said yes, though we were secretly disappointed that they both chose to keep their shirts on while they did so.

Then two guys from Argentina chatted with us (they, at least, went topless…but they’re guys, of course they went topless). Then a man came over and said he’d seen us in the park one day the summer before, and showed us a photo on his cell phone to prove it. What are the odds? A year later, and we happen to be there again, and so does he?

But perhaps the afternoon’s best moment came when we noticed two guys playing frisbee near us and one of our members decided she thought one of them was cute. Normally she might say hello, chat a bit, maybe even exchange phone numbers if things went well…but she couldn’t do that topless, could she?

Well, why not?  So off she went to say hello, bringing a friend along for moral support.  Judging by the smile on everyone’s face, we made their day, too.

If the rest of the afternoon was more conventional, it was no less fun, and probably a bit livelier fun for our brief (and pleasant) interactions with the folks around us. Before you ask what the difference is between these interactions and the ones we’ve complained about in previous posts, it’s very simple: these were friendly. Everyone was polite, good-natured, warm. No one just hovered and stared. In other words…normal, decent human interaction. Kind of easy isn’t it?

What, you thought we only had one person taking pictures at our events? Sometimes we pass the camera around; sometimes we have pros who bring lots of fancy equipment; sometimes we each whip out our phones and snap away.  Here are four shots from a long-time participant and sometime photographer…


As a counterpoint to our stylish black-and whites (see below for those), here are some technicolor memories of what’s looking like it may have been our last rooftop event of the season.  But never fear, as long as the sun keeps shining we’ll keep showing up at ground level around town. In fact we spent a happy afternoon in the park this past week and will report on that shortly.

But in the meantime, here’s to “tar beach”…

At our latest rooftop jaunt our group included an acclaimed art photographer whose work has been featured in galleries and published in books. Using antique cameras and black-and-white film, she captured some especially lovely images of our happy band.

And to give you the complete picture (as it were), a behind-the-scenes peek or two, in full color.

Yes, Central Park has a castle–the real thing, hewn from dark, cool stone, with turrets, flags and ramparts, even a moat (sort of). And on the grassy sward across the moat, half a dozen damsels enjoyed a blissful summer afternoon as the Labor Day weekend began.

Marking the end of summer? Bite your tongue! We’ll keep meeting as long as the weather permits. And who knows how long that might be? As one eager participant wrote to us the other day, “if it gets a little chilly, well, who’s afraid of a little hard nipple 🙂 ?”

Who, indeed.

That’s what one of our members called it, lying back on a lounge chair and surveying the band of happy naked people strewn about the roof of one of midtown New York’s finest boutique hotels: a little bit of Eden in Manhattan. Strolling about, lying on towels or chairs, reading our books, which this time included The Santeria Experience and Mockingjay and Getting Off and Seduction of the Innocent…drinking coconut water and noshing on vegan blueberry muffins (okay, there were some miniature cupcakes from Crumbs too)… There were even some dried apples, to make our Eden complete. But no serpent. All innocence, no shame.

When we reluctantly had to leave at the end of the afternoon, one participant spoke for all of us when she said, “It feels so strange getting dressed, having to put clothes on!” But as long as the weather holds, we’ve got our little G.o.E. to return to.

Ah, almost forgot: one serpent. 🙂