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As a counterpoint to our stylish black-and whites (see below for those), here are some technicolor memories of what’s looking like it may have been our last rooftop event of the season.  But never fear, as long as the sun keeps shining we’ll keep showing up at ground level around town. In fact we spent a happy afternoon in the park this past week and will report on that shortly.

But in the meantime, here’s to “tar beach”…

At our latest rooftop jaunt our group included an acclaimed art photographer whose work has been featured in galleries and published in books. Using antique cameras and black-and-white film, she captured some especially lovely images of our happy band.

And to give you the complete picture (as it were), a behind-the-scenes peek or two, in full color.

Yes, Central Park has a castle–the real thing, hewn from dark, cool stone, with turrets, flags and ramparts, even a moat (sort of). And on the grassy sward across the moat, half a dozen damsels enjoyed a blissful summer afternoon as the Labor Day weekend began.

Marking the end of summer? Bite your tongue! We’ll keep meeting as long as the weather permits. And who knows how long that might be? As one eager participant wrote to us the other day, “if it gets a little chilly, well, who’s afraid of a little hard nipple 🙂 ?”

Who, indeed.

That’s what one of our members called it, lying back on a lounge chair and surveying the band of happy naked people strewn about the roof of one of midtown New York’s finest boutique hotels: a little bit of Eden in Manhattan. Strolling about, lying on towels or chairs, reading our books, which this time included The Santeria Experience and Mockingjay and Getting Off and Seduction of the Innocent…drinking coconut water and noshing on vegan blueberry muffins (okay, there were some miniature cupcakes from Crumbs too)… There were even some dried apples, to make our Eden complete. But no serpent. All innocence, no shame.

When we reluctantly had to leave at the end of the afternoon, one participant spoke for all of us when she said, “It feels so strange getting dressed, having to put clothes on!” But as long as the weather holds, we’ve got our little G.o.E. to return to.

Ah, almost forgot: one serpent. 🙂

One thing we love is bringing first-timers together with people who’ve been getting bare-breasted in public all summer, or for multiple summers, or all their lives. At our last trip to the park, we had the pleasure, introducing someone new to the joys of topfree sun on one of the city’s rare truly beautiful days. And judging by the big, big smile on her face, we’ve got a convert.

That, and the fact that she showed up for our next nude rooftop event a few days later.  But that’s a story for another post…

So–we promised a further report from our rooftop adventure. (See our previous post for our first impressions, and a bit of poetry to go with them.) This was easily one of our best outings ever, even though being on a rooftop meant that we weren’t doing much to advance the cause of public topfreedom.  We do that every other time we head out–this one was just for fun. And fun it was, not least of all because we could go completely skyclad, girls and boys alike.

Now, we didn’t have the roof to ourselves–we were at a boutique hotel in midtown and there were a couple of people in town from San Francisco waiting for their room to be ready. But being from San Fran, they were easygoing and openminded and good humored, even when confronted with eight or nine fully naked book lovers in their midst.

To address some of the questions we’ve gotten since putting up our last post: Sunscreen? Yes, everywhere, and plenty of it. Erections? No, not that we noticed. Reading materials? Some cool books from our friends at Hard Case Crime, plus The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, Beloved by Toni Morrison, Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, and Love in the Asylum by Lisa Carey. But that’s not all pulp fiction! No, it’s not; and bottomless isn’t topless; but it was outdoors, and it was coed, and there was plenty of appreciation and society.  So there you go.

And the rain held off! We got to lie around in the sun and the open air, reading and relaxing and munching on tasty things, bare as the day we were born, and laughing and having intelligent conversation with intelligent people, and it was warm and clear and sunny and amazing. As one participant wrote afterwards, “It was essentially pure delight.” Wish you could all have been there to feel what we felt.

ETA: I don’t know whether to be puzzled, intrigued, confused or amused, but a surprising number of you asked why there were no photos this time around of the male member who attended and his, um, male member. The honest answer is that we just didn’t take many pictures of him (I guess next time we’ll make a point of it), but by popular demand (really?) here’s one more.

This past weekend saw us planting our flag on another rooftop in midtown – next door to a church, no less! But as Robert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors,” and there was a very fine fence here, providing enough of a margin of privacy to make us feel comfortable going fully nude rather than just topless. What a marvelous afternoon! Miniature cupcakes, coconut water, 70SPF sunblock, and books ranging from Toni Morrison and Sylvia Plath to David Dodge and Richard Stark.

We’ll have a full report for you shortly – but to whet your appetite, here’s a brief selection of poems penned in the heat of the moment (or the moment of the heat, if you prefer), together with the images that inspired them.

Urban oasis
A beach upon a rooftop
Haiku for bare breasts

The sun beats down upon my head
I think that I shall tan instead
My dorsal side, so pale of cheek,
While reading tales sublimely bleak

Of heists and murders, crosses double,
Lives reduced to smoking rubble
By a femme fatale so fatal
That the fate of her poor mate’ll

Chill your blood and leave you shivering…
Just the thing a book’s delivering
On a blistering August day
Will work to whisk the heat away

Put the camera in the hands of a guy
And the picture lines up with his fly
Yes, we could’ve cropped it 
Or Photoshopped it
But it’s funnier this way, don’t lie

ETA: Just got this contribution from a follower of our blog who asked to remain anonymous…

While reading through wordpress I happened to see
A couple of blog posts appealing to me.
They didn’t have cat pictures, nor were they news,
But the people they featured had books and tattoos.

You all show a courage I wish I possessed
When you go out and read books in public, undressed,
And I wish you the best, for wherever you read–
Your pulp fiction brings class to a city in need.

Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I’ve a smile on my face

Sometimes you dodge the old weather bullet, sometimes it nails you. Today it nailed us, as our noontime excursion to Central Park coincided with a ferocious downpour. But did we let that spoil our fun? Not a bit.

One of the finest statues in the park celebrates author Hans Christian Andersen and we’ve long wanted to pay him a visit, but on sunny days he generally has little children crawling all over him. On a rainy day, though…  We hope he enjoyed a visit from slightly older fans this time.

Then we found our way to an overpass, where we took shelter from the torrent in the company of some tourists from Pittsburgh.  One of them finally drummed up the courage to ask us what our gathering was all about, and did so with wonderful politeness. Yay, Pittsburgh!

On the way out, we snapped a picture of our drenched selves. Shivering, shirts plastered to our skin, but…happy to have had a rainy day to remember.

So…what do we do when it rains? Sometimes we brave the elements and get lucky; sometimes we brave the elements and get soaked. And sometimes we duck into our favorite spa for a an hour of sauna and massage in the hopes that it’ll rain itself out. Which, yesterday, it did.

But the ominous portents of rain meant a bunch of people cancelled (wimps!), leaving just one of us behind the camera and one in front. Oh, brave, brave one in front!  Bearing the standard for the rest of us. Was it a little bit terrifying? Yes. But also exhilarating. Any day that contains a full-body massage and a one of Tom Colicchio’s delicious cinnamon brioche buns eaten bare-breasted on the grass in the heart of midtown Manhattan is a good day indeed.

We were all first-timers at some point. And it’s special, that first time you unbutton your shirt and slip your bra off…or untie your bikini top and let it slip down to your waist…and the world doesn’t come crashing to a halt. You feel the sun on your breasts, the breeze on your nipples, and people don’t stare or say anything, and you relax and ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” It’s a great moment of discovery, and one we love to share with women who’ve never experienced it before.

Today’s first-timers included one young woman who first contacted us five months ago, but wanted to wait for a particular auspicious moment to make her debut: her 18th birthday. That happy event took place last week, and today she was out with us, baring her breasts in the sun for the first time.

We also welcomed the identical twin sister of a participant who’d been with us before, which felt like an appropriate time to crack out the copies we’d received of Lawrence Block’s new “double” novel, featuring 69 BARROW STREET and STRANGE EMBRACE bound top-to-tail in a single volume.

Both of our outdoor topless pulp fiction virgins seemed delighted with the afternoon and plan to come back for more. What more could we ask…?

P.S. If you’re a virgin yourself and would like to join us, send a note to toplesspulpfiction[AT]gmail[DOT]com. We’d love to hear from you.