AS-8585What to do when it’s 40 degrees outside? Meet indoors, with the heat turned up high, plenty of wine (including, as a tip of the hat to E.A. Poe, a cask of Amontillado), sublime pastries by the inventor of the cronut, and books, books, books.


A few weeks back, one of our fans tipped us off about a new bookstore in Brooklyn specializing in pulp fiction (especially science fiction, hence its sf-ish name, Singularity & Co.). We knew immediately we had a new favorite haunt in the making. Happily, when we reached out to them, they were as enthusiastic about us as we were about them, and Plans Were Made.

Want to know something? The place exceeded our every expectation. Not only do they have cool stuff (a whole shelf of Choose Your Own Adventures! a section labeled “Smut”! an orrery!), it’s all laid out perfectly, it’s as warm and welcoming as your best friend’s bedroom, and the owner is a super-cool chick. If you have any taste for great bookstores, go. It’s magnificent.


What did we do other than hang out and get lightly toasted? A gift exchange of books (everyone got to leave with something she hadn’t had when she arrived)…


…followed by a smoke break in the brisk but lovely outdoors…


…and then some fun with temporary tattoos, courtesy of


(Don’t have water handy to apply the tattoos? That’s all right. There are other ways to moisten something.)


All in all, a lovely and memorable evening. Who says bookstores are dying? Barnes & Noble, here we come…