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It was sunny today until just before 3, when storm clouds blew in and a shower began.  We packed hastily and hightailed it out of the park, and what began as topless reading on the grass became a topless dash in the rain down Central Park West. And it felt wonderful.

Of course, it was raining, so the camera was packed safely away – meaning that you’ll just have to imagine what we looked like racing along the sidewalk, rain-pelted and exultant. But here to sharpen your imaginative powers are some photos of what we did before the rain began…

So…we were all set to enjoy a day in the park today, when what should hit town but Tropical Storm Alberto? Also known as rain, rain, and more rain.

So we hit one of our favorite spas instead and read indoors, in the sauna.

Sunny days are coming, though.  Coming soon.

No, it hasn’t suddenly turned warm on us again. In fact, it was cold and rainy all day yesterday. All day! But here we are with sunny photos again. What the…?

Well, some of you sent us e-mail saying that as much as you enjoyed the photos we’d shared from our friends at Hard Case Crime and Creeping Hemlock Press, that’s not the sort of thing you came to our site to see. You missed seeing pictures of our merry band at play in the public spaces of New York City.

Well, say no more. We’re some months away from our next outdoor outing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any pics left to share from our last few.

Enjoy. We’re counting down the months till the first robin of spring makes its appearance.  (We have a thing for redbreasts, as you might imagine.)

“I wish it weren’t raining! I wish it were warm outside, so I could get naked in the park with my friends! Maybe if I post some more pictures of us doing just that, the gods of New York weather will relent and grant us another day or two of beautiful, balmy, spring-like weather!”

Come on, climate. You know you like it as much as we do.


Woke up this morning and wow, was it dreary outside! Made us long for the days of sun and summer. Thought we’d bring you a memory of those brighter times with some photos we never ran before.

We miss you, summer! Come back soon!

Many thanks to all of you who wanted to know how our members weathered the big storm; most of us live in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan and weren’t too badly hit. Not sure when our next outing will be (the parks are still cleaning up downed tree branches and such), but in the meantime we thought we’d share a couple of antediluvian photos (look it up) that we took last week. Just to bring a smile to your face.

Oh, and many thanks also to all the cool sites that have been writing about our adventures!  Fleshbot, the Topfree Equal Rights Association, Tales From the Bookworm’s Lair, and so many others (including some with names we’d be embarrassed to type!). We’re glad to know you’re enjoying our get-togethers almost as much as we are.

So, did it rain today? Did it ever! Buckets and buckets; we got drenched.  But it was still warm out, and getting caught in the rain actually felt lovely.  We took our books up to the beautiful elevated Highline park and lounged around reading.  At one point, we ran into a bride and groom taking photos, and the photographer tried to get us to pose for a picture with the groom.  As a sort of wedding gift to the bride, we politely demurred.