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For everyone who’s been cooped up indoors for most of the past nine months, the allure of the great outdoors is pretty much irresistible. That Central Park called to us when summer was in full flower is perhaps not so surprising, but calls to stroll through the park come at all times and in all kinds of weather. And there are those who would tell you Central Park is never more beautiful than when it’s covered with a blanket of new-fallen snow.

Yes, yesterday marked the season’s first snowfall. It’s practically a white Christmas — what’s one week more or less between friends?

So we trekked out in it, meeting foot-high snowdrifts armed only with hot chocolate from the nearest Dunkin’ and our usual dauntless optimism.

It’s true that we started out girded for polar exploration: insulated parkas, scarves, mittens, hats, and of course masks.

But before long we stripped off some of those layers. If the Polar Bear Club can go swimming each year on New Year’s Day in the frigid Atlantic, we can certainly exercise our equal rights in the relative comfort of midtown Manhattan.

There was some tasting of the snow.

Snowballs were thrown.

There may even have been some snow yoga.

And then it was time for the thermal undergarments to go back on, and the outergarments with them. A little touch of winter is a fine thing, but as Artisotle himself might have observed after doffing his toga outside the Lyceum in some long-ago solstice season, there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing.

But there’s also such a thing as too little. And all of us have been in too-little mode for too long.

We applaud the brave women who breasted the elements to bring you this report from the (cold) front.

Our next report, we promise, will be much warmer.

IMG_3444fAround this time each year, a little pop-up village of craftspeople and artisans and vendors appears in Columbus Circle to help New Yorkers with their holiday shopping. This year, the usual festive atmosphere was enlivened by the addition of a layer of snow on top of the candy-cane stripes and statuary, and one of our braver members decided to venture out in that snow with only a fur hat and a pair of gloves to keep her warm from the waist up.

IMG_3381IMG_3376fIMG_3324fIMG_3306fConsider it a tribute to the resilience of the human body and a precursor to our annual topless snowball fight, which we’ll hold in 2018 when snowfall permits. If you’d like to take part in that — or maybe in one of our warmer indoor events! — send us email:

In the meantime, we wish you all a very merry, happy, safe, healthy and free holiday season.


img_9792There’s something magical about how winter cedes its place to spring in New York.

Just two weeks ago, Central Park looked like this —

img_9229—–and it took a lot of bravery, of a different sort than we usually exhibit, to take your shirt off in the blasting cold.

img_9243A fortnight later, and it’s in the mid-sixties — practically balmy! — and people are taking their tops off left and right. And by people we of course mean men.

img_9746So why not us? Why not, indeed.

img_9753img_9759The surprise onset of warmer weather meant we couldn’t get a proper group together in time to carpe the diem, but one of our long-time members (Not even 18 yet the first time she contacted us! And now 22 — how time flies) decided today was a day for soaking up some Vitamin D.

img_9789TL/DR: The trees are still bare, and so are we. And all be want to say about that (setting aside any consideration of global warming) is: what a wonderful world.

img_9770P.S. Want to join us the next time it’s warm enough to get topless in the great outdoors? We always have room for one more. If you’re a body-positive woman in NYC and either know you want to try this or are trying to work up the nerve, drop us a note:

There’s no other feeling quite like it. And there’s no reason only men should get to enjoy it.


IMG_4647We rarely stump for individual books, but there’s a speculative fiction anthology in the works called PROBLEM DAUGHTERS that we’re very excited about, not only because it promises to collect fiction and poetry from female authors writing on the theme of intersectional feminism, and not just because the title is so great, but because one of the book’s editors, Nicolette Barischoff, is a member of our group!


IMG_9168You’ve seen Nicci at any number of our events; even though she lives in California, she makes her way to NYC as often as she can. And this latest project of hers promises to bring her east several more times this year. So: yay. Plus we’ll all have good reading material to dive into as soon as advance copies get printed.

IMG_9626But before any of that can happen, the project (which is up on IndieGoGo) could use a bit more funding — not a ton, but some, and if you’re inclined to help out, we know Nicci would be thrilled. You can find more info at Check it out soon — the campaign ends Valentine’s Day.nicci-4nicci-5

IMG_9626Two feet of snow might not seem like a lot to those of you reading this from Boston, Vermont or Antarctica, but for New Yorkers it’s a record — 26.8 inches to be specific, second highest snowfall in recorded history. A bustling metropolis brought to its knees? Not precisely — more like brought to its senses. So much joy on so many faces! Yes, it’ll turn to frustration when the work week returns and the wondrous powder turns to sooty slush. But for one magical Sunday, it was Christmas and Narnia rolled up in one.

So we had to go out in it. Who wouldn’t? Yes, we froze a little. But there’s nothing like a bracing topless snowball fight in Columbus Circle to stimulate the senses and jumpstart a frost-rimed heart.

IMG_9872IMG_9682IMG_9615IMG_9799There were snowmen, too — both pocket-sized and jumbo:

IMG_9741IMG_9743IMG_9916And the simple joy of being out in nature, unencumbered by clothes.

IMG_9580IMG_9585IMG_9823We are children of the summer it is true, and we long for her return. But a once-in-a-century winter day like this? There’s nothing better. Just think of the story it will make! In the winter of ’16, child, the snow was so deep, and your grandmas strolled naked in it…


Happy 2016, everyone.

IMG_9454Most of us, faced with word of an impending blizzard (“Biggest storm of the last 30 years!”), would make plans to stay indoors. Not us. We marshaled our forces and set out for the frozen heart of NYC. You know how it goes. The cold never bothered us, anyway.

Of course, the “biggest storm of the last 30 years” turned out to be a tempest in a teapot. Not even a tempest really. A flurry in a thimble, maybe. But there was enough snow on the ground for snowmen to sprout like toadstools all over our beloved Sheep Meadow. We even saw one igloo.

And, arctic explorers that we are, we braved the elements in the semi-altogether, books in hand (except when cups of steaming hot chocolate took precedence). Bracing doesn’t begin to describe it.


Snowman construction was a group exercise. We gave it a little head (what? what?), then added some other appendages…


Do we prefer summer temperatures? You bet your ass we do. But it was lovely to be out and about in brazen defiance of nature’s dictates for a change, not just society’s.


Onward. Spring can’t be far off now…


IMG_7918You wake up in the morning, look out the window, and see the city transformed.  What was a gray, stony thing is sparkling and white. Fat, fluffy flakes fall. Bare branches glitter like something in a confectioner’s window, or an old Currier and Ives print, or your favorite scene from “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”  Your breath catches and your heart skips. You race to the computer and find your friends similarly enthralled. This being March, it might be the last snow of the year. You have a yen to be outdoors in it, to lie on your back and let the white stuff come down on you, to pack it between your palms, to feel it crunch underfoot, to feel like a kid again. To drink a steaming cup of hot chocolate (or black coffee, or Earl Grey tea with milk) and feel it warm you inside after an exhilarating moment in the freezing outdoors.

You want a snow day.

And by god, you take one.

Thank you, New York City, for being so glorious sometimes. Yes, today it’s all going to be slush. But yesterday it was nothing but joy.