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IMG_5605Happy holidays, all. We’re between events currently, all in sugar comas (or ham comas, or champagne comas, or what-have-you), girding ourselves for the polar vortices to come. At least, we tell ourselves, the days are getting longer.

In the meantime, we thought we’d do our annual round-up of the images from the year just past that you lot seemed to like the most, based on how many times you clicked on them. Now, this could be misleading: sometimes a given post got an abnormal number of clicks because it happened to coincide with a spurt of attention we got, due to coverage in a newspaper or magazine, for instance, or on Reddit. But overall we think clicks are at least a halfway decent proxy for interest.

So without further ado, the most popular images of  2014, divided into Public (i.e., out in the park, or the rooftop pool of a popular hotel, or a wine bar with huge plate glass windows exposing us to the world) and Private (i.e., a private roof, a private room in a restaurant, a private spa).





IMG_9479…and so, another year draws to a close. It’s been a fun one, and we thank all of you for your part in it, whether you came to one of our events and participated or just read about them on here (or on Twitter, or on Facebook, or in the Village Voice, or…). We’re looking forward to another season of fun when the next solstice looms.

In the meantime, with some time to kill over the holidays, we looked over the blog stats and noted down which of the photos we posted this year were the most popular, and thought we’d share them with you as a special year-end present, no unwrapping required. 🙂

Stay warm…


0706-zzSo…it’s almost New Year’s Eve, snow is on the ground (but not deep, fluffy, fun snow–blah snow), and shivering people in Times Square are beginning to count down to the big ball drop. Hard to imagine a time less conducive to outdoor toplessness. Any naked reading that’s going to get done in New York today will be behind closed doors, under a comforter, with a mug of hot chocolate or hot buttered rum. But rather than bemoaning the situation we’re counting our blessings (hot buttered rum!), thinking ahead to next summer’s adventures, and looking back over this year’s.

With that in mind, we thought we’d check to see which of the pictures we posted this year were the most popular, based on how many people clicked on them.  (We only counted topless pictures, since whenever we post bottomless pictures the clicks seem to spike upwards thanks to visits from our friends at Reddit.)  The results follow.  Enjoy, and know that we’re all counting down the seconds, too, until the mercury rises and we can peel down again: 12,960,000… 12,959,999… 12,959,998...

0713-j0921-ucp2-zecp2-u0706-zb0816-d0921-f0810-a1005-b0921-y0811-g0921-qcp2-zccp2-l0811-fETA: Oh, all right, one bottomless pic. Our most popular. Happy new year from all your friends at OCTPFAS.